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FCC Cross at Easter 2022.jpg

Easter Cross

Kenneth Law, Cellist and Francesca Hurst, Pianist

Easter Music with Cellist Kenneth Law and Pianist Francesca Hurst

Pastor Debbie's Chidren Sermon on Easter.jpg

Children's Sermon

Pastor Debbie Children's Sermon.jpg
Easter Gathering 2022.jpg
Easter Refreshments aat FCC .jpg

Easter Refreshments

JUNE 2021



FCC's Back 060621.jpg
Jim joins FCC.jpg
Sanctuary Easter Sunday 3032.jpg

Pastor Debbie welcomes her Father Jim as he joins FCC

Easter Family 2021.jpg
FCC people 2019.jpg
Chelsy and Ian Wedding.jpg
Easter Sunday Children's Sermon.jpg
Chelsy and Harper - 1 yr old.JPG
Harper is 1 yr old.JPG

Chelsy and Ian were married at Fairfax Christian Church on March 30, 2019

Chelsy Ian and Harper 2019.JPG

Garden for the Homeless

Last May, Thyra proposed a new ministry - A Garden for the Homeless.  So, Thyra single-handedly dug up a garden in our front yard and planted vegetables for the homeless. Later in the summer, she harvested her first crop of squash, and 

delivered it to the Lamb Center. 


The garden was amazing. Thanks be to God!

FCC Prayground

Jesus said, "let the children come unto me."

In the back of the sanctuary at Fairfax Christian Church we have a Children's Prayground - a place where the children can play with foam blocks or magnetic blocks, sit in the bouncer and play with a stuffed animal, or sit

at the table and color or read books while they listen to the service.  It's amazing what they hear when we don't think they're paying attention!


Next to the bookcases, we added a pak 'n play. What a blessing that has been!

Children's Moments

Every Sunday, our children join the minister for the Children's Moment, a time where the minister teaches the children a Bible lesson or shares a story.  This is not just a time for the children.  The adults love it, too!!


What a nice surprise!
Mom showed up!!

Blessing for Kayla Rose Sun

Parents and Kayla with Pastor Carolyn 
Parents, Grandparents             and Kayla
Godparents with Kayla

We are Family!!

Piano Benefit was 
a huge success!

Drs. Ivo Kaltchev and Francesca Hurst performed a benefit concert at Fairfax Christian Church (FCC). The performance featured Beethoven, Mozart, and Liszt, and it was awesome!! FCC used the generous donations from the concert for local outreach.
 The Keatons
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