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Matt's Uncle Steve, Fran, Don, Ashley, Roger and family, Janet, Francesca, Wendi, Don, Daniel, Carol, Ginnie, Joe and Sakina, Jo and Keith, Barbara, Charlie, Pilgrimage Christian Church, Cherielle, Justin, Ann, Lori, Jason, Sue, and David; those facing physical or mental challenges; people in need; victims of crimes, natural disasters, and terrorism;  and safety for those traveling.

Please pray for those who are ill with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), those grieving the loss of loved ones who have died, front line providers, health organizations, pharmaceutical research and development folks who are working on a cure and vaccine, and administrative and government officials (local, state, federal and world).

If you need prayers or would like to add a friend, coworker, family member, or yourself to Fairfax Christian Church’s prayer list, please  send us an email to

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