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As a body united in faith through Jesus Christ, we affirm that we are a Christ-centered church that strives to live out our faith in practical, life-affirming ways.


We love one another as Christ loves us:

  • We are a church that welcomes one another, as Christ has welcomed us

  • We care for and respect all of our members, working to foster community in small and large group

  • We acknowledge that in our diverse community, there will be differences

  • We will communicate agreement and disagreement civilly and focus on building relationships to strengthen the body, rather than insisting on our own way

  • We are a community open to all and closed to none


We help one another draw nearer to God:

  • We value worship as an expression of our love for God

  • We recognize the diversity of spiritual gifts and we help one another to develop these gifts in order to live out the ministry of all believers

  • We value theological diversity.  We understand that each believer uniquely experiences God’s love in Jesus

  • We value mission and outreach as a way of applying our faith, near and far

  • We acknowledge the importance of spiritual growth

  • We take responsibility for developing our spiritual lives through study, worship, involvement in ministry, and by the dedication of our personal and material resources

  • We are active in our discernment of the will of God using the combined wisdom from scripture, tradition, reason and experience.


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