A Message from Pastor Debbie

In taking many considerations under advisement, I am canceling our worship services for now. In a few weeks, we should have a better understanding of community impact with COVID-19.  Until then, we should heed recommendations to practice social distancing and heed the CDC guidelines for those who are most vulnerable.


I am not alarmed by the practical measures that are in place all around our community and expect we may see more.  In past epidemics, it was proven that limiting exposure of illness-free persons through social distancing and quarantines saved lives.  It is important to do these measures as early as possible to prevent more spread of the virus.   Early intervention may appear to be overreacting but it is very important to disrupt the spread of this illness.  It will save lives!  I am thankful for the advances we have in medicine, for those diligently working on the front lines in patient treatment, and those in research and development for vaccine and cure.  I am grateful that I can do my part in practicing hand hygiene, social distancing and even if necessary, self-quarantine.  If it lowers the risk to my family and my community:  Count me in!  


Our regional minister, Allen Harris, is hosting a webinar tomorrow in which I will try to learn technology that will allow us to have some type of worship on Sunday.  I will be back in touch with a worship experience that will substitute for us gathering together.  (On a lighter note, technology and I are usually at odds with one another, so you might pray that our relationship improves and I can get the hang of it.)  


Please know I am here for you, that I love you, and look forward to resuming our time together in worship, study, and fellowship.  Until we are able to share life together in full, I lift you in prayer and I covet yours.


Pastor Debbie