Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are alternating between in-church services and zoom services.  Our next in-church service will be September 6th at 11 a.m.  If you can physically attend, we would love to have you, just be sure to wear a mask.  If you cannot attend our in-church service, please join the service via Facebook. We are  fairfaxchristian on Facebook .   To attend a zoom service starting September 13th, please send an email to pastor@fairfaxchristianchurch.org so we can add you to the invite. 

For information on the novel Coronavirus, please visit the CDC webpage.

If you're looking for a church...

How will you know the right one when you find it?


At Fairfax Christian Church, we know our church is not its building. It is the people who gather here. It's our community. The most important message we want you to read here is that you are welcome among us. 

Here's Crystal and Walter and their little one Elena.




And, here is what Crystal and Walter say and feel about FCC:


"We started as a couple that had different upbringings in religion. We wanted to start fresh together and have a path of our own so we searched for a church that would help us fulfill that desire. We found Fairfax Christian Church allows us to be in a community where we feel at home. We feel supported and loved by everyone. We feel that the community we found is a great upbringing for our daughter. Being in the community allows for our ideas and our voices to be heard. The communication with everyone is what has made me feel a warm welcome and makes us want to continue coming to church. We love coming to Fairfax Christian Church."

Daily Dose of Piano

Our pianist Francesca Hurst has created an online series of daily piano videos during this COVID-19 pandemic quarantine. Music has healing and calming powers, and she hopes these videos bring some joy and comfort to the listeners.

As soon as we open again, we ask you to please join us for worship 

every Sunday at 11am.