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If you're looking for a church...

How will you know the right one when you find it?

At Fairfax Christian Church, we know a church is not just its building, but the people who gather here.

We are OPEN TO ALL and we invite you to join us. You are welcome here!  

Children are always welcome, and there is a Children's Moment in every worship service.


Crystal and Walter:


"We started as a couple that had different upbringings in religion. We wanted to start fresh together and have a path of our own so we searched for a church that would help us fulfill that desire. We found Fairfax Christian Church allows us to be in a community where we feel at home. We feel supported and loved by everyone. The community we found is a great place for our daughter. Our ideas and our voices can be heard, and the communication with everyone is what made me feel so welcome and want to continue coming here. We love Fairfax Christian Church."

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